How to Hide Buttons



User's Requirement


Disable and Hide the button to send mail in bug window for users that not belong to "TDAdmin" group.



Proposed Solution


Insert of code in "EnterModule" Sub to hide the button in Defect Module for no TDAdmin users.





Implementation on the Product


Implementation is quite easy. Inside the Common Script part of the Script Editor go to the EnterModule Sub and ask if the Module is the one on whom you want to hide the button (Defect in our case). If user don't belong to TDAdmin group then hide the button. To do this I work on the Actions object.


In this case the action call "act_SendByEmail"


Sub EnterModule

On Error Resume Next


if Active Module = "Defects" And _

   Not(User.IsInGroup("TDAdmin")) then


   Actions.Action("act_SendbyEmail").Visible = False


end if


On Error GoTo 0

End Sub



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